Unfamiliar Landscapes

8-30 OCT 2016

Exhibition Notes by Lec Cruz

Our waking lives’ tumultuous, ever-busy and cluttered state can dissolve us into obscurity; drive us to certain frenzy; and lead us to seek out our own idyllic space. Art can lend its ability to transport the artist and its viewers to imagined spaces and simultaneously ground them within the planes of reality. It is within these bounds that one finds meaning over absurdity and wonderment over monotony. Artist Jinggoy Buensuceso has proven this with his 2014 exhibition entitled Rebellion, where his craftsmanship in furniture and design blends with his imaginative artistic method to create portals to simulated geographies.

In his continued exploration of expanding the definition of ‘place,’ Buensuceso invites us to his Unfamiliar Landscapes. Inspired with a vision of allowing his viewers to consciously traverse boundless geography, he uses abstraction to evoke the earthly and the heavenly. His manipulation of organic materials draws a bridge towards the vastness of the constellations and back to our temporal landscapes.

Using black sand and cement in his series, he constructs multifaceted pitch-black sculptures resembling the ethereal night skies. It spawns a vantage point of subtle and expansive flickers reminiscent of the stars. A close proximity to each piece can subsume the viewer within its dusky sphere while rendering an infinite possibility of stellar imagery. Through these works, Buensuceso is able to create a tangible representation and interpretation of galaxies light years away – delivering earthbound connection to the stars. The elusive tranquility of the space is transformed into geometrical terrains, easily grasped yet may be infinitely perceived.

Evident of Mother Nature’s own design, Buensuceso’s intervention on found driftwood accomplishes a process of collaboration. Recognizing the inherent beauty of washed ashore debris he reconstitutes his pieces with the aid of cement. He retains the partially decomposed features of the wood exhibiting the various stages it survived and altered its surface until he achieves a semblance that of a meteorite. The final product serves as a documentation of time and provenance; withstanding the ravages of seas culminating as an artifact of a journey.

As a seasoned sculptor with a mastery of industrial materials, Buensuceso is able to forge molten aluminum into monumental pieces of topographical patterns. In his hands, the once hardened elements are turned into realized ideas. Through his trademark use of welding metals and steel, he is able to transfer his visions at will and his entangled memories become concrete vistas of topographical maps. Though the reconstructed realities metamorphose into familiar landscapes, upon closer inspection, assembled elements will reveal an allusion to a man’s fingerprints. This fusion of macro and micro views gives way to new realization, a certain duality made possible by the artist’s intervention and his search for new sceneries.

Changing Landscape (1 of 10) / 2016 / Photograph / 122 × 122 cm / 48.07 × 48.07 in

In his printed photograph of Silica sand, the artist takes the role of an observer, one who traps the stillness of a desolate mound of land amidst the relics of industrialization. Utilizing the man-made structure that encloses his subject, narratives of unseen potential, forgotten fields and chance of disruption are easily embedded. The intersecting boundaries heightened by the contrasting colors of Silica sand and the soil suggests an eroding motion, where the once uninterrupted space becomes an agent of impermanence.

In Unfamiliar Landscapes, Buensuceso turns our gaze back to the primal forces of nature, the natural elements we tend to neglect the more we get consumed by materialism. In his video installation, he directs our attention to the ephemeral occurrences of lightning. His obsession of capturing the spontaneity and vicious imagery of striking lightning stems from the awe he experiences from the phenomenon. The impression it made resulted into an actualized opportunity to share his epiphany. The silenced movement of jagged lights across the stratosphere mimics apparition like straits; they are moments flashing coded messages; revealing borders of unchartered realms. In it, the power of the visceral manifests and provides an avenue for self-awareness. With his works, our awareness of the reality surrounding us is activated and challenges us to rethink our preconception about spaces whether natural or man-made. Formed by both imagination and memory, he is able to connect the multiple elements he used, taking them out of their original context and reconstitutes them as real and surreal at the same time. Reminding us how art can lead us to social and spiritual transcendence through the guiding hands of an artist. •

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