Moments of/de Creation

04 MAR - 28 APR 2017

Exhibition Notes by Lec Cruz

Our present-day industrialized world has compounded our sight with landscapes defined by the rigor of geometry and structures of towering heights, marring the natural beauty that surrounds us. Human nature always finds its way to seek solace in the natural elements surrounding us; in the fluidity of the sea; the grandeur of mountains; and the limitless boundaries of the skies. In Moments of Creation, Sacha Cotture engages with abstraction to capture the visceral components of nature and recreate the layers of their spirits through his ink wash paintings. His gestural strokes transcend the bounds of the physical composition and designs of his subjects as it emulates temperament rather than arrangement. His works tries to capture the unseen, conceived through introspection and self-realization.

In Moments of Creation, each piece is balanced through intuition and every image is defined through the immeasurable expression drawn from Cotture’s vision. Cotture’s Heights, Crevice, and Upfall can take the viewer to an exhilarating moment of seeing and experiencing a waterfall. Our eyes draw us to the sensual movement of the water down pouring from the top. The abstracted images transports us to an instance when our eyes are virtually covered with water and we feel relieved in its occurrence. They also serve as an imprint that echoes the passion liberated by the artist through his chosen medium. In Strata, a semblance of a looming cloud subjects us into stillness and Elevation brings us to a vivid state of awe upon seeing the skies in its moment of transformation. Their monumental scale exudes Cotture’s control over the spontaneity of the Chinese ink while retaining its essential quality of liveliness.

The ecstatic feeling of submerging into the deep blue sea can easily be felt in Sea Call, where the light and dark tones of aquamarine blue with a hint of purple acrylic paint emulate a transitory motion of diving into the water. Thermocline allows us to immerse into the gradual change of temperature, embracing our perception with the colder depths of the sea. Cotture’s Aquamarine series (1 & 2) fossilizes the ecstatic pleasure of seeing the collision of waves to the ground.

Cotture’s mastery of technique also grants him to communicate impressions of events and memories that can neither be replicated physically or mechanically. In Moments of Creation, he reimagines the inviting scent felt after the rain sprinkled through a drying land; and encapsulates the metaphysical manifestation of light that brings calm and energy at the same time. In his hands, concepts become tangible, taking their dynamic forms through the guidance of his brush. Cotture synergizes the mind, the body and the world, permitting a collective experience inside the walls of the gallery. In Moments of Creation, boundaries can only be defined by the viewer’s willingness to submit or to immerse to the sensations of each stroke, shade and vitality that each piece has to offer.•

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Press Release

Moments de Creation focuses on the primal elements of life. Chinese ink, Sacha Cotture’s choice of medium is a return to form and a reverence to the centuries-old traditions.

The spontaneous handling is a testament on letting things flow, a characteristic evident in nature, the one true permanent thing. The featured works are stills in time. A split­second scene of natural occurences made in visceral yet assertive strokes make up the whole journey of Moments de Creation.

Sacha Cotture reveals that in painting he manages to connect to nature, a world away from his rigid construction materials and architectural forms. In this exhibit, he traverses the movements of nature as swift as the wind yet as solid as a rock. He lets the viewer peek in the processes of formation and the beauty of the beginning.

Sacha Cotture is a Swiss painter and an architect residing in Manila. •

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