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Born: 1911

Died: December 28, 1978

Address: Sta. Cruz, Manila

1917-1922 Primary, Maypajo Barrio School
1923-1926 Intermediate, Caloocan Central School
1926-1929 Association Institute
1929 Fist Pre-Law, Letran College, Manila
1929-1930 Fist Year College, Far Eastern University
1930-1931 Creative Writing, Valenzuela School of Journalism under Manule E. Arguilla
1929-1978 Creative Painting, Self Study

Work Experience:
1923-1927 Shoe-shine Boy (Self Employed)
1928-1930 Cashier, Maypajo Cabaret, Caloocan
1931-1935 Correspondence Clerk, Philippine Education Company, Inc. Manila
1936-1938 Manager and Proprietor, Ocampo Art Studio, Manila
1938-1941 Associate Editor, Mid-Week Magazine
1942-1945 Chief Scriptwriter and Assistant Director, Associated Artist, Producer of stage show at the Capitol, Lyric and Avenue Theaters
1946-1947 Chief Publicity and Script Department, Polaris Films and Fernando Poe Productions
1947-1949 Editor, Manila Chronicle Sunday Magazine
1950-1953 Producer Director, Filipino Players Guild; producer of radio programs
1954-1958 Director, National Media Production Center
1958-1968 Senior Vice-President, Philprom, Inc.
1969-1978 Advertising Consultant, La Tondeña Inc., Manila
1969-1972 Director, Radio Drama Program, ABS-CBN
1973-1978 Consultant, National Media Production Center

Individual and Group Exhibitions:
1938 First Art Exhibition, Philippine Painters League, Malacañang, Manila
1940 University of Santo Tomas
1941 ManansalaMing Ocampo Art, University of the Philippines
1948 Sports in Art, London
1949 Manila Club Art
1950 First Neo-Realist and Opera House Art exhibition
1951 Feature Wall, Fish Motif, Philippine Art Gallery; RKO Pictures Art exhibition,Avenue Theater
1952 Philippine Cultural Exhibition, New York
1953 Biennales Hispano-Amerikano, Havana; 1st exhibition of non objective Art, Philippine Art Gallery; University of the East Foundation Day Art, Manila
1954 16 Artist, Philippine Art Gallery; Group Exhibition, Carnegie Endowment International Center, New York
1955 Philippine Neo-Realist Art Exhibition, Mexico City
1956 45 One Man exhibition, Philippine Art Gallery; The Development of Philippine Art in Painting, Social Hall, Department of Foreign Affairs
1957 1st Southeast Asian Art Conference and Exhibition, Northern Motors Showroom
1957-1959 Southeast Asia Tour of Philippine Art
1958-1959 Philippine-America Art, Tour of the Philippine
1961 One Man Retrospective, sponsored by the Art Association of the Philippines, Philamlife Building; Philippine Cultural exhibition, Taipei; Philippine Painting Qantas Showroom, Rome; Philippine Painting, Qantas Showroom, London
1962 Seattle World’s Fair, U.S.A.
1963 9th Sao Paolo Biennale, Brazil; Luz Gallery; Legaspi-Luz-Ocampo Exhibition, The Luz Gallery
1965 Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery 7
1966 20 Years of Philippine Art, The Luz Gallery
1967 Exhibition of Philippine Contemporary Art, Philamlife Building, Manila
1969 Festival International de la Peinture, Chateau Musee, Grimaldo, Frace; Exhibition of Nudes, Solidaridad Galleries
1970 Expo ’70, Osaka, Japan; The Artist in Revolt, Solidaridad Galleries
1961-1970 Annual Group Exhibition, Luz Gallery
1969-1970 Annual Group Exhibition, Solidaridad Galleries
1970-1976 Various Group Exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines
1978 Hernando Ocampo, A Retrospective Exhibition, Museum of the Philippine Art exhibition of early works, Galerie Dominique
1981 A Selection from the MOPA Collection of Philippine Art, MOPA

Awards and Distinctions:
Philippine Representative, Sports in Art, Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Nude With Candle And Flower, 6th prize AAP 1st annual Competition and Exhibition; Break of Day, 4th prize AAP Annual Competition and Exhibition; Reaching For The Moon, 4th prize Boy’s Town Carnival.

Arabesque and Man And Carabao, 1st and 2nd places, respectively, AAP 2nd Annual Competition and Exhibition; Angel’s Kiss, 3rd Prize Manila Club Art.

1950 Recipient, a French gov’t. art scholarship to Paris (declined)
1951 Recipient, Smit-Mundt Leader Grant in Communications declined; Ancestors, 1st prize and the 1st William Shaw award, AAP 3rd Annual Competition and Exhibition; My Kind Of Woman, 1st prize RKO Pictures Art Exhibition
1953 Fifty-Three “P”, 4th prize University of the East Foundation Day.
1954 Fifty-Three “A”, 4th prize AAP 7th Annual Competition and Exhibition; First of Republic of the Philippine Award in Painting
1955 Fifty Five “A”, 4th prize AAP 8th Annual Competition and Exhibition
1959 Dark Self, 3rd prize Opera House Art Exhibition
1967-1968 Participant with 8 paintings, 9th Sao Paolo Biennale
1969 Participant with 3 paintings, Festival International De La Peinture, Chateau Musee, Grimalde, France; Circle 1st prize AAP 22nd Annual Competition and Exhibition; Patnubay ng Sining Araw ng Maynila Award in Painting.
1975 Outstanding Citizen of Caloocan City Award
1975 Diwa ng Lahi Award
1975 Posthumous Cultural Center of the Philippines Award for Outstanding Services in Arts and Humanities

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