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Born: January 20, 1928, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines

1934 Antonio Regidor Elementary School
1939 Teodoro Buenaventura, private drawing tutor
1941 Arellano High School
1946 University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts (One Semester)
1972 Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles California (3 months scholarship)

1947 Creates the first english daily comic strip, “Kosme the Cop, Retired” for the Evening Chronicle
Layout artist, This Week magazine of the Manila Chronicle
1952 First “Kosme the Cop, Retired” book published by Kiko Printing
Sets up “The Bughouse”, the only gallery exhibiting cartoons, with Abustan, Alcala, Gat and Yonzon
“Kosme the Cop, Retired”, featured in Spain’s Mundo Hispanico magazine

1956 “Chain-Gang Charlie” featured in Pageant magazine
Included in Lyd Arguilla’s list of 12 artists in The Philippines’ Who’s Who, published by Capitol Publishing House, Inc.

1958 Second “Kosme the Cop, Retired” book published by Benipayo Press
1960 Designer, This Week Magazine
1961 “Chain-Gang Charlie” book published by Benipayo Press
1964 Art Director, Marcos for President Movement
Sets up “Gallery Seven”, the first art gallery in Makati, with Asuncion, Bungian, Kiukok, Manansala, Ocampo and Yonzon
Special Assistant to the Office of the President (up to 1969)
Art Consultant, Weekly Graphic magazine (until 1968)

Starts “Art for the Massess” serigraph prints with Francisco, Joya, Kiukok, Manansala, Navarro, Yonzon and Zobel

“The Art of Malang” book, published by the Luz Gallery
Featured in “Sketches of Manila”, The Asia Magazine
Member and Vice-president, Board of Supervisors Philippine Tourist and Travel Association (until 1972)

Featured in Insight Magazine
Art Consultant, Express Publication (up to 1986)
Art Consultant, Philippine Quarterly (up to 1980)

Featured in Orientations Magazine
Art Consultant, Focus magazine (up to 1986)
Member, textbook Board (up to 1986)

1974 Organizes “West Design Studio” with Gatbonton and Galang
Sets up “The Filipino Woman” exhibit at the Philippine Center, NY
“Malang An Assembly of Themes” by Manuel Duldulao, published by the Manila Book

Sets up “Five Years of the New Society” exhibit at the Philippine House, New York, with Goy and Stevesantos

1980 Art Consultant, National Media Production Center (up to 1986)
1981 “Malang Paintings and Drawings”, published by Raya Books
Sets up Philippine exhibit at the Philippine House, New York on the occasion of Marcos U.S. state visit

Featured in The Chronicle Magazine “Malang: Intimist Midas in Pastel” by Dr. Rod Paras-Perez
Art Consultant, Lifestyle Asia Magazine
Newsday “Malang, Artist of Color” by Guia Albanao-Imperial
The Daily Globe “Creativity under a Cartoonist Cloak by Buddy Fanega
Businessworld “Malang:From Daffy Cartoons to Fine Art” by Felicidad V. Tan

The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Fake Botong Paintings” Businessworld “Malang Wages War Against Fake Art” by Dwight D. Morales

1991 Sunday Globe “Malang Sees Red” by Neal Cruz
Manila Chronicle “Power Block” with Stevesantos, Soler & Mona by Rod Paras-Perez
“Malang’s Women” book by Cid Reyes, published by Hans Sy Sunday Globe “Malang’s Way withWomen”
Starweek Magazine “The Women in Malang’s World
The Manila Times “Conversations with Malang” by Francine Medina
The Philippine Star “How Malang Found the True Color Of Life” by Ching Alano

The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Three Artists” with Stevesantos and Soler
Chronicle National Weekly “Power People ’92 by Melissa G. Contreras and Alya B. Honasan
Featured in Guam’s Shoppers’ Guide “Five Filipino Artists - One Beautiful Island”
Businessworld “The Copycat Phenomenon” by Sta. Cecilia M. Santillan

The Philippine Daily Inquirer “It’s Malang Again” by Lorna Revilla Montilla The Philippine Star”, “Inside Malang”

Dimensions Magazines “All in the Family” by Johnny Gatbonton Today “The Madonnas of Malang” by Ruben D.F. Defeo
The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Malang’s Amulet for Gladness” by Nita Berthelsen

Taipan Magazine “Malang’s Happy Worldview” by Dr. Rod Paras-Perez
The Manila Times “Lucky Malang” by Karen Galarpe-Mendez
“Malang and Modern Art” by Florentino Dauz

The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Chip off the Old Block”
Today “Bonded by Oil”
Sunday Inquirer Magazine “A Portrait of Malang” by Joy Rojas and Alya Honasan
Sunday Lifestyle of The Philippine Daily Inquirer “The Real Malang in an Era of Fake Art”

The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Malang Comes Face to Face with Fake Malang” by Susan A. de Guzman
The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Why Malang Can’t Stop Smiling These Days” by Lorna Revilla-Montilla

The Manila Times “Malang Faces, Phases” by Cora Lucas
The Philippine Daily InquirerMalang Discovers Oil Pastels by Arturo Luz
Philippine Star “The New Faces of Malang” by Reuben Ramas-Cañete

Today “Seven Samurais” by Cid Reyes
The Sunday Inquirer “Malang’s Upper Rooms” by Karen Galarpe
Businessworld “Malang in the 21st Century”
The Manila Times “Malang’s Many Colored Days” by Dexter O. Osorio
The Manila Bulletin “Malang’s New Beginnings” by Ivy Lisa F. Mendoza
Lifestyle Asia “Art 200 Malang’s Exhibits” by Karen Galarpe
The Philippine Star “Malang Welcomes the Millennium”
The Manila Bulletin “Malang Greets the New Year with Four One-man Exhibits”
Today “Malang Takes Four”
The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Malang Welcomes the Year with Four Solos”
The Philippine Post “Malang Welcomes Millenium with Four One-man Exhibits
Philippine Free Press “Four by Malang”
Malaya “Malang X Four” by Annie Carolina Villasin
Starweek of The Philippine Star “72-K Ready”
Women’s Journal Magazine “A Fresh Look at Malang, Purveyor of Pinoy Dreams” by Rowena Burgos
Mod Magazine “Malang Celebrates the New Century
The Philippine Panorama Magazine “Malang Celebrates the 21st Century”
The Philippine Daily Inquirer “Malang’s Quratet” by Alex Vergara

Selected Individual Exhibitions:
2001 “Malang Festive May Women”, Asia Art Gallery, Shangri-la, Mandaluyong City
“Malang Celebrates the 21st Century”, Artprints Gallery, West Gallery, SM Art Center and Glorietta Artspace
“April Show”, Asia Art Gallery, Shangri-la Plaza, Manila

“Recent Works”, Metropolitan Art Gallery, SM Megamall
“Tall Paintings”, West Gallery, Makati City
“Small Works”, Artprints Gallery, Shanri-la, Mandaluyong City
“Colored Drawings”, Luz Gallery, Makati

“Malang Celebrating Seventy”, The Art Center, SM Megamall
“A New Phase for Malang”, The Art Space, Glorietta

One-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
One-man show, Gallery 139, Alabang Town Center, Manila
“Malang: 50’s to the 90’s” retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum
Malang: One”, West Gallery, SM Megamall

1996 “Women”, Gallery 139, Alabang Town Center, Manila
“Women Venders”, West Gallery, Manila
“Landscape”, The Art Center, SM Megamall

“Drawing”, The Art Center, SM Megamall
“Small Works”, The Art Center, SM Cebu

One-man show, Davao City
“Malang at Genesis 6750”, Gallery Genesis, Makati
“Malang Gouache and Prints”, Finale Art File, Makati
“Women”, West Gallery, Manila
One-man show, Cebu City

1992 “Women: 30 Years of Art”, The Art Center, SM Megamall
1991 “In the Beginning”, Finale Art File, Makati
1989 One-man show, West Gallery, Manila
1987 One-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
One-man show, Museum of Philippine Art, Manila
“Malang’s Women II”, Finale Art File, Makati

“Malang Visits”, series of one-man shows sponsored by the Art Foundation of the Philippines: Marguerite Gallery, Hyatt Terraces in Baguio, Art Association of Bacolod Gallery in Bacolod and Bayview Plaza in Cebu

1981 One-man show, Alegria Gallery, Manila
1980 One-man show, Printmakers Gallery, Manila
1979 One-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
“Malang in October”, one-man show in three galleries: ABC Galleries in Manila
The Gallery, Hyatt Regency in Pasay City and Luz Gallery, Manila

“Malang’s Women”, Luz Gallery, Manila

1973 One-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
1972 One-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
1967 One-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
1962 First One-man show, Philippine Art Gallery, Manila

Major Group Exhibitions:
1958 Filipino and American Artists, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy
1960 “Philippine Paintings”, Rome and London
1963 “Trio” with Kiukok and Yonzon, Philippine Art Gallery
1973 “Tatlo” with Kiukok and Yonzon, Gallery One, Greenhills, San Juan
1975 "“Three-man exhibition with Ocampo and Aguilar-Cruz, Impressions Gallery, Makati
1976 First Cultural Center of the Philippines Annual, Cultural Center of the Philippines
1977 “Insights into Philippine Contemporary Art”, Museum of Philippine Art, Manila
1978 First Black-and-White Show of the First Friday Group, with Doctor, Kiukok, Legaspi,
Manansala, Ocampo and Olazo, Museum of Philippine Art
1980 Group Exhibition at The League, Hong Kong
1981 With Baldemor and Legaspi, Bahrain
1982 London exhibit with BenCab, Gaston, Kiukok and Legaspi
“Alima Folio”, Museum of Philippine Art
1984 “Four Masters, Four Worlds”, with Kiukok, Legaspi and Olazo
“Figurative Statements” and exhibition of studies with Kiukok, Legaspi and Olazo, Small Gallery, Cultural Center of the Philippines
“Eleven Filipino Artists” in New York and San Francisco
“Three Faces of Philippine Paintings”, BMW Gallery, Munich, Germany, sponsored by Cultural Center of the Philippines, Asean Institute of Art, Museum of Philippine Art and Goethe Institut, Manila
“Twenty Three Filipino Masters: 20 Years of Philippine Paintings”, in Washington D.C., Seattle and Honolulu
Three-man exhibition with sons Stevesantos and Soler, Finale Art File, Makati
Two-man exhibition with Soler, Finale Art File, Makati
1988 “Four Masters’ Four Worlds V”, with Kiukok, Legaspi and Olazo, Finale Art File, Makati
Group Exhibition with Kiukok, Legaspi and Olazo at West Gallery, Quezon City
1990 “Four Generations” Finale Art File, Makati
Saturday Group in Iloilo
1991 “Seven Years of Philippine Art”, Finale Art File, Makati
Group Show, Finale Art File, Makati
“Malang, Stevesantos and Soler” Cultural Center of the Philippines
Group show with the Saturday Group, Museo Iloilo
1992 “Drawing”, invitational show with Kiukok, Legaspi and Olazo at the finale Art File,
“Out of Rizal’s Dapitan”, Saturday Group Exhibition, organized by Finale Art File, The Art Center, SM Megamall
Group Exhibition with Stevesantos and Soler in Bacolod
1993 Group Exhibition in Guam
Group Exhibition with the Saturday Group, The Art Center, SM Megamall
“Three Artists, Three Visions” with SteveSantos and Soler, The Art Center, SM Megamall
“Year of Serigraphs”, Finale Art File, SM Megamall
1994 “Contemporary Filipino Artists”, Furama Kempinski Hotel, Hong Kong
1995 “Inspirations at El Nido: A Visit by the Artists”, The Gallery, Peninsula Hotel, Manila “A Tribute to Legaspi”, Saturday Group Exhibition, The Art Center, SM Megamall
1996 “Pala-One 2”, Group Exhibition with the Saturday Group, The Art Center, SM Megamall
“El Hardin” with Mona, Stevesantos and Soler, The Art Center, SM Megamall
Annual Saturday Group exhibition, The Art Center, SM Megamall
1997 “Colors by the Masters”, Crucible Gallery, SM Megamall
Saturday Group Interaction, The Art Center, SM Megamall
“Small Works”, Crucible Gallery, SM Megamall
1998 The Master’s Touch”, Far East Broadcasting Company’s 50th Anniversary Exhibit,Ayala Museum, Makati City
Saturday Group’s 30th Anniversary Show, The Art Center, SM Megamall
Saturday Group’s Christmas Show, The Art Center, SM Megamall
1999 “Small Works II”, Crucible Gallery, SM Megamall
“We’re One at Thirty-One”, Saturday Group Show, Art Center, SM Megamall
“Women”, Art Center, SM Megamall
“8 Artists”, Gallery 828, Shangri-la
2000 “Sharing 3”, with Bungian and James Ong Le Pho, Asia Art Gallery, Shangri-La Plaza
“Go 32”, The 32nd Anniversary Show, Saturday Group, The Art Center SM Megamall, organized by Crucible Gallery
“Collage”, Art Space, Glorietta, Ayala Center, organized by West Gallery
“Flora-Flowers in Art”, Art Café, Hotel Inter-Continental Manila, Makati City
“Group Show 2001”, The Luz Gallery, Makati City

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