Diaz, Romina

Date of Birth: 23 November 1981
Citizenship: Filipino
INDIRIZZO EMAIL: diazromina@gmail.com


4th Year 2003 -present
Accademia Delle Belle Arti – School of Fine Art and Decoration Firenze, Philippines

3rd Year 2002 -2003
Bachelors Degrees of Science and Art, Art Management & Interior Design De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde Taft Ave, Manila, Philippine

High School:
(1996 -1998)
Colegio da San Augustine, Makati, Philippines

Diploma 1999
Philippine Placement Test

Elementary :

(1991 - 1996) Colegio da San Augustine, Makati, Philippines
(1989 - 1991) Gideon Academy, Chinese School
March – May 2002 University of the Philippines
Photography Printing
April 2002 Heritage Library
Light and illumination
March – May 1998–2001 Ayala Museum
Basic Painting Techniques
July 2004 Grazalema, spagna) Apprenticed with Gines Serran Pagan
Marrige of paint and Poems Florence, Italy“
2004 Connubio di arte pittorica e poesia “ Café Fiorino, Via dei Servi
Painting Firenze,Italia
2004 Archi, Cafè Pistoia, Itally
2003 Gabriela, Against the Violence to Women
Painted Works, Sanctum, Intramuros Manila, Philippines

Group Shows:
2005 School of Decoration, Photography Photographic Images
“ Images in my Mind “ Accademia di Belle Arti, Accademia Aperta, Florence,Italy
2007 Incontro col’ Accademia; Decoration Photographic Installation
Studio Fuori Centro, Rome, Italy
2007 ARTE è NATURA , Biological works of Art Biological Installation using Natural Objects, Philippine Representative/ Academy Representative - Communita Montana, Central Community Park, Lazio, Frozinone, Italy
2006 School of Decoration, COLOR DESIGN
Installation in Hospital, Student Show “ Agam’s Rainbow “ Accademia di Belle Arti, Hospital Meyer, Florence, Italy
VIII miedzynarowdowy, Plener, Malarski
Exhibits of Nature Painting, Philippine Representative / Academy Representative, Miechow, Poland Galleria U Jasky
2005 School of Decoration, Conceptual Art
Room Installation “ Stanza Osmotica “ Accademia di Belle Arti, Accademia Aperta, Florence,Italy
2005 Florentine youth art
Paintings and collages, Nova Bar, Via Martelli, Florence, Italy
2004 School of Decoration, Digital Images
Installation on The Arno River, “ Dancing Shadows “ Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence,Italy
2000 EGGS-HIBIT Sculpture
Galleria Duemila inc., Manila, Philippines
Exhibition, The Philippine Association of Hong Kong, Furama Hotel, Hong Kong
Phoenix Sound Stage, Makati City, Philippines

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