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Untitled SOS (Blue & Gray)

Untitled SOS (Violet & Black)

Untitled SOS (Silver & Grey)

Untitled SOS (Pink & Grey)

Untitled SOS (Dark Grey & Nymph Green)

Untitled SOS (Blue, Dark Brown, & White)

Untitled SOS (Grey, Black, Silver)

SOS Video

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Teal)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Teal)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Bone-Gray)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Bronze)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Grey)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Dark Grey)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Purple & Silver)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Purple & Silver)

Untitled SOS Lavander (Storm Season)

Untitled SOS Ocre (Storm Season)

Untitled SOS Blue (Storm Season)

Untitled SOS Green (Storm Season)

Untitled (Blue & Gray)

Untitled SOS Collage Series ( Purple, blue and white)

Untitled SOS Collage Series (Purple, white and black)

SOS (Vessel Series) Blue Pipe

SOS (Vessel Series) Purple, Blue, Brown

SOS (Vessel Series) Purple, Green, Beige, Magenta

SOS (Vessel Series) Purple Pipe

SOS (Vessel Series) Brown and Lavender

SOS (Vessel Series) Two Blue Pipes


Jon Cuyson began exhibiting his paintings in Manila in 1998. In 2004, he participated in group and solo exhibitions in Europe before moving to New York to participate in residencies in Vermont and Skowhegan, Maine. He received his MFA from Columbia University, New York in 2010. His works employ different techniques and media including texts, photographs, drawing, painting, artist books, sculpture, video and installation. His artistic practice investigates the complex intersections of art, history, culture, and their relationship to Filipino diaspora, and identity.

His work has been shown in a number of local and international exhibitions, including Motions Of This Kind, Brunei Gallery, UCL, London, England (2019), South by Southeast, Times Museum, Guangzhou (2016); Radiation, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (2014); Me Love You Long Time, Aljira, Newark, New Jersey (2012); Lost In Your Eyes/Foreign Correspondant, FormContent Gallery, London (2009); Musee Du Louvre, The Royal Academy of Art, London (2008); AIM 27 Here and Elsewhere, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx City, New York (2007).

Jon Cuyson currently lives and works in Manila where he continues to teach while working on his diverse artistic practice

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