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Tes Pasola is a creative consultant to many companies, for her designs encompasses paper and non-paper. Since 1986, she remains a consistent design awardee for most of her works, reaping numerous Katha Awards. A select award given to companies and designers that show excellence in creative achievement for Best Product, Best Product Collection, and Best Merchandise Display citations. In the three recent international FAME shows, she has yet again merited multiple awards. She however does not seem at all fazed by these tasks at hand nor does it seem like she runs out of even more reasons to create or innovate.

Today she lives out her paper visions into fine tuned perfection with the exquisite collages that she creates for Movement 8, an affiliation which brings her to yet another journey with her favorite medium. This loose alliance of Filipino designers whose mission is to present to the world the face and the reality for the abstraction that is the Filipino design sensibility is her playground. In year 2002, the group received the coveted Editor's award at the Contemporary Furniture Show in New York. In 2003, she played out her latest experiment, the James Bound Collection, which earned her a “Good Design Award” from Japan’s leading product design critiques.

In 2004, she won Best Product Design for the two products she launched for that year. She is often commissioned for curatorships for FAME exhibits organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). In April 2005, she was tapped to head a pioneering “Cross Breeding project” for the Fashion Accessories Industry which was co-sponsored by Swarovski, the success of which led to a similar approach of design principles applied to her curatorship for the Christmas Decor Industry in 2006.

In July, Tes Pasola was one of the noted designers featured at the furniture special setting organized by the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines for the Philippine International Furniture Show 2005, which saw the origins of featuring world-renowned product designers such as Karim Rashid and Gaetano Pesce. In August 2005, together with two women artists, she opened an art show at one of Manila's prestigious museums, the Ayala Museum, called “Crystal Fantasies”. One of her works from this show subsequently have been exhibited at the “Swarovski Crystals for Paper” launch in Paris and Tokyo. On the same month, her oversized Sputnik lamp captured the hearts of Manila’s celebrated Interior designers when she joined Movement 8 for a major home magazine's “Bar Lounge” exhibit.

On September 2005, Tes Pasola was tapped to be the featured case presentor for the architecture design, crafts and visual arts truss for the “Nurturing Creativity: The First Philippine Creative Industry Forum” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Dovetailing this event, she held a special art exhibit entitled “Papel ng Papel” (Role of Paper) at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in October 2005, with internationally acclaimed artists and designers Impy Pilapil and Tony Gonzales. In July of 2006 she was invited to hold a one-woman exhibit in Melbourne, Australia, where she was heralded as “A Filipina artist and designer who ripped up preconceptions of her innovative textural paper creations”. At the last April 2007 Manila FAME show, Tes together with three distinguished Filipino designers, curated a much lauded exhibit particularly noted for revamping the image of the Philippines as one of the “Best Design Destination in Asia”.

On July 5, 2007, Tes will be among the 8 artists from the Philippines to debut her re-dressed BMW maquette for BMW World Art Cars, a mobile canvas of symbolism pioneered by Alexander Calder where the automobile is redesigned by an artist to establish a symbiosis between the world of art and the world of motorsport. Collections are continuously exhibited at museums around the world.Yet to come is a curatorship for Maison d’Objet in Paris on September where again she is expected to employ a cutting-edge approach to design. In October 2007 she is slated to have two paper art exhibitions in Alliance Francaise and Galleria Duemila in Manila. She has been sought for the October 2007 Manila FAME to augment her April Manila FAME stint. Another art exhibition is underway for Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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