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Ladislao Diwa Elementary School
St. Theresa's College
University of the Philippines
Academia Italiana, Rome, Italy
Pratt Graphics Center, New York
World Print Council, U.S.A.
International Sculpture Center, U.S.A.
Glass Art Society, U.S.A.
Save The Tree Movement
Special Projects:
1980-1993 Art workshops for under privileged children
Organized seminars for art appreciation and art collecting
Art consultant to banks and multinational companies
Bi-monthly column, Philippine Daily Star
Modern Living / Lifestyle Section

Individual Exhibitions:
1975 "Paper Sculptures", The Gallery, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Manila
1976 "Collage and Prints", ABC Galleries, Manila
1977 "Prints and Mixed Media", The Gallery, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Manila
1979 "Prints", Executive Suite, Clubhouse, Manila
1980 "Prints on Glass", City Gallery, Manila
1985 "Prints", Art Gallery, Ateneo University, Manila
1986 "Paper, Glass and Metal", Museum of Philippine Art, Manila
1989 "Mixed Media", (sculptures, wallworks and furniture) Astra Gallery, Manila
1990 "Sculptures in Glass and Stone", Ayala Museum, Makati City
Tokyo International Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan
Alliance Francaise, Manila
1991 "Glass", Arte Japan Co., Tokyo, Japan
"Water - Sculptures in Glass and Stone", Studio 5 Gallery, SEIBU (Ikebukuro), Tokyo, Japan
1992 Rue Du Ange Gallery, Mycal Mall, Yokohama, Japan
1993 "Reflections in Water", Galleria Duemila, Manila
1994 "Sculptures in Glass and Stone - Reflections on the Spiritual", Le Meridien, Singapore
"Art of Glass and Stone", Art Gallery, SEIBU, Pacific Place, Hong Kong
"Into the Hereafter", Pacific Star, Nauru Building Lobby, Manila
1995 "Seed", Galleria Duemila, The Art Center, SM Megamall, Manila
"Seed", Galleria Duemila, Manila
"Oceanic Garden Series", Insular Horel Davao, Southern Philippines
1996 "Solo Exhibition for Dow Jones", Regent Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
"Faith", Luz Galery, Makati City
"Glass", Hilton Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
1997 "Glass and Stone", Boracay Series, Habitat Gallery, Aspen, Colorado, USA
1998 "Find Your Truth", Luz Gallery, Makati City
"Steel", Arts and Associates Gallery, Manila
2004 “Benevolent Force”Glorietta 4 Park and Greenbelt 3 Park, Ayala Center, Makati City
2006 “Spiral of Life”, Avellana Art Gallery, Pasay City
“Earth Empowered”, Galleria Duemila, Pasay City

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1970 Galleria Il Camino, Rome, Italy
1971 Sight and Sound Graphic Art Exhibition, Rome, Italy
1974 6th Philippine Association of Printmakers Annual Exhibition, PICC, Manila
1975 "Outstanding Artists", Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila
1976 "Five Philippine Artists", Quorum Gallery, Hong Kong
1977 Azuma Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
1978 "Art of Fine Print", Museum of Philippine Art, Manila
1979 "Recent Achievements of Printmaking", Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila
1981 Philippine Exhibition to the Peoples Republic of China
1982 "Philippine Contemporary Prints", Hongkong Arts Center, Hong Kong
1983 Farleigh Dickenson University, New Jersey, U.S.A.
"Contemporary Prints", Royal Festival Hall, London, England
1984 "ASEAN Art Festival Travelling Exhibition" Asian Countries
Gallery of St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York, U.S.A.
Blumenson and Shauber Gallery, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.
1985 University of the Philippines
1986 Museum of Philippine Art: Impy Pilapil and Lao Lianben
1989 ASEAN Presentation, Kulay Diwa Gallery, Manila
"Permanent Collection", Ateneo University Art Gallery, Manila
1990 "Tribute to Van Gogh", Alliance Francaise, Manila
Museo Arte Civica Contemporanea, Marsala, Italy
1991 "L.A. Art", SEIBU Gallery, Tokyo (Ikebukuro) Japan
"Chair as Art", Ayala Museum, Manila
"Visions: Art and Ecology", (with Japanese artist) Asian Development Bank, Manila
1992 "Visions: Art and Ecology", Seed Gallery, Seibu, Tokyo, Japan
"Women in Art", National Museum, Manila
"Back to Back: Lao Lianben and Impy Pilapil", Ayala Museum, Makati City
1993 "Thirteen Artists", Empress Museum, Singapore
Four (Selected) Artists - special exhibition for Elsa Klench CNN TV Network
1994 "Arturo Luz, Imelda Pilapil, Napoleon Abueva and Eduardo Castrillo Sculptures", Rufino Towers, Manila
"Sculptures", Alliance Francaise, Manila
"Sculptures of Mark Gillen, Arturo Luz, Claude Tayag, Imelda Pilapil and Lao Lianben", King's Court Bldg., Manila
1995 "Jeweled Sculptures - Hans Brumann and Impy Pilapil", Manila
1996 "FILIPINAS" Contemporary Art, Museo Anthropologies de España, Madrid, Spain
The 11th Asian International Art Exhibition (Federation of Asian Artists) Metropolitan Museum of Manila
1997 "Glass," Impy Pilapil & Masayuki Kanda, Galleria Duemila, Manila
"Modern Art", Galleria Duemila, The Art Center, SM Megamall
1998 "Double Vision", Budji Gallery, Makati City
1999 "The Art of 30", Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City
"SAP Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition", Greenbelt Makati
"Volume and Forum Sculpture Exhibition", Singapore
"John Petty John & Impy Pilapil at Art Space" Organized by Galleria Duemila, Glorietta lV, Makati City
2000 "Group Show 2000" The Luz Gallery, Makati City
"Despedida", An exhibit of recent and earlier works by the artists selected to represent the Philippines at the 7th Havana Biennial, Cuba
2001 "Group Show 2001", The Luz Gallery, Makati City

Awards and Distinctions:
1971 Third Prize, Graphic Art Competition, Rome, Italy
1974 Third Prize, Annual Competition, Philippine Association of Printmakers
Outstanding Artist, Citation, Art Association of the Philippines
1975 Outstanding Artist, Citation, Cultural Center of the Philippines
1980 Critics' Choice Award, Ma-yi Associates, Manila, Philippines
1987 Grand Prize, Sculptor of the Year, Art Association of the Philippines
1988 Philippine Representative to the Seoul Olympics Arts Festival
1990 Philippine Representative, Museo Civica Contemporanea, Marsala, Italy
1991 International Who's Who list, Cambridge, England
1993 Vidal Sasoon Visual Arts Award for Sculpture
1997 Selected sculpture for the ASEAN PLAZA landmark, CCP Complex

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