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Born in Ceuta, Spain, September 18th
Completes first paintings and publishes first poems
Studies Humanities in Seville; his book receives the first National Award, Centro de Psicologia
Lives in Paris, Rome, Athens, Negev (Israel), and Hudson Bay (Canada)

Since his arrival to the United States, is in contact with the American Indians, claiming their human rights. But it is since 1982 when he dedicates himself entirely to their cause. He works, writes and lectures, on the human and social situation of the American Indians. Lives with different tribes, mainly the Sioux (Lakota), and with the American Indian Movement, in the Sacred Black Hills, in the Yellow Thunder Camp (South Dakota), and participates in their religious ceremonies. Becomes advisor of the United Nations for Indigenous Affairs, and creates projects to reduce infant mortality, improving the human conditions of indigenous children in the American continent. His apartment in New York becomes a home for the Indian leaders that frequent the United Nations.

Inspired by his life experience with the American Indians, begins to paint in 1983. Is adopted by the Sioux Indians as "brother", in the Sun Dance, for defending their rights. His first exhibition was in the Guggenheim Museum of New York, with the project Pamplona - Grazalema (in collaboration with A. Muntadas) Selected by Margit Rowell for the exhibition "New Images of Spain". He maintains friendship with the artists and Spaniards linked to the world of art in New York, but he is concerned more by living with native people and showing his work in the Orient. At the same time, he frequently exhibits in the United States wherein his paintings form part of important private and public collections.

From 1990, he lives in Asia and Oceania, and paints in Tahiti, in villages and remote places of fishermen and peasants in Japan, China, Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. In the simplicity of these people's life and in the symbolism of their cultures, looks for a force he believes the West has lost.

Recently he has been endorsed in Spain for the medal of art for his contribution to the art world. In the last twenty years, have had one hundred exhibitions (65 individual show & 56 group shows), in fifteen countries around the world. After so many years away from his country, has returned to Spain and at present is painting at his atelier in Andalucia where he lives with his two children beside nature.

In the Philippines he has been exhibiting in Galleria Duemila since 1993 and has been painting in different parts of the island Manila, Cebu, Mindanao, Bohol and Palawan. The exhibition resumes 20 years of paintings in five continents and shows the cultural ties between Spain and Philippines making emphasis in the architectural tradition.

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