Finding Their Element

2018-06-09 - 2018-06-30

This June, we greet each cloud with warmth for they may bring rain that will quench the parched earth.

Galleria Duemila is proud to announce, "Finding Their Element", an exhibit of the gallery’s wide-range of collection from paperworks to canvases to ceramic sculptures valued through the years. The paintings and sculptures on display mimic soaring like the wind, diving into the deep ocean, engulfing into the heart of the forest, discovering gems and lighting up pathways.

Works on display are by Alfredo Aquilizan, Jinggoy Buensuceso, Marc Gaba, Fitz Herrera, Gerry Leonardo, Luis da Cruz, Sacha Cotture, Tony Twigg, Sandy Litchfield, Roberto Robles, Maria Cruz, Nelfa Querubin, Hadrian Mendoza and Viviana Riccelli.

Alfredo Aquilizan is one of the top international artist that had over 50 solo shows in varying countries and periodically joins group exhibitions and cooperative art activities across nations. He works in various media, site-specific installations and collaborative works. He is currently a candidate for the doctorate degree of Visual Arts in Queensland College of Art Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

Jinggoy Buensuceso is an industrial designer and contemporary artist working with large-scale metal sculptures. His concrete choice of medium is complemented by his sculpted organic silhouettes. Buensuceso recently won the Designer of The Year Award in 2016 given by the Wallpaper Magazine in Thailand and is a three-time Mugna Awardee, the highest recognition given to designers.

Marc Gaba is a visual artist and poet that is deeply set on philosophical and theological concepts, arising from the imagined realities he is fascinated upon. He is a nominee for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize and the Ernst Young Exhibition, in 2010 and a winner for the Global Filipino Literary Award in 2012.

Fitz Herrera is a Manila-based abstractionist that composes his emotions and deep-set love for music into canvases. Utilizing a diverse-range of colors, he has created various textures in his works and has been actively exhibiting these across cities in the Philippines.

Gerry Leonardo is a fine-arts instructor that has been creating large projects involving sculptures in fiber glass.

Luis da Cruz, an architect by training, designs his one-of-a-kind sculptures through reusable objects in his bout of advocacy for sustainable design.

Sacha Cotture is a Swiss painter and an architect residing in Manila.

Tony Twigg is an Australian artist that is fascinated with the Filipino vernacular architecture. He alternates exhibiting in Singapore, Australia and the Philippines.

Sandy Litchfield is an American artist that explores watercolor as her medium and collaging as her process. Her work has been exhibited in various museums in the United States.

An accomplished artist, Roberto M. A. Robles is both a painter and a sculptor that has been educated in the Philippines and Japan. His work has been exhibited in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Vargas Museum, 17th Asian International Art Exhibition Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, South Korea, Jiyu Group Exhibitions Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan. He has also had a retrospective in Ateneo Art Gallery in 2011.

Maria Cruz is a conceptual artist with her technique delving more on formalism. A global artist, she traverses through different topics from color to language and to psychology. She has been exhibiting in Berlin, Australia and the Philippines.

Nelfa Querubin is a significant ceramist known for her elegantly colored stonewares. Currently based in Colorado in the United States, she has been actively joining exhibitions and competitions. "A Passion for Clay" a book on Nelfa Querubin’s art by esteemed art critic Patrick Flores and renowned visual artist Imelda Cajipe-Endaya is also for sale at the gallery.

Hadrian Mendoza is a top ceramics scholar in the country. He has a wide-range of experience
in kiln-building, pottery and ceramic making. He has joined several international conferences including the Southeast Asian Ceramics Festival. His main subjects are from the Filipino indigenous culture.

Viviana Riccelli has studied art extensively in Rome, Berlin, Venice and Cairo. She continuously explores the Philippines as part of her study on experiencing different cultures, forming her perception, and discovering her deep-set love for painting and drawing. She has been under the apprenticeship of famous American Abstract Expressionist movers such as Nicolas Carone and Beverly Pepper. She extends her knowledge through teaching for Verocchio Art School and Art Center in Umbria.

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