Summer Collection

2019-06-08 - 2019-06-27

Galleria Duemila proudly presents its varied collection of available works from artists such as Augusto 'Gus' Albor, Alfredo Aquilizan, Jess Ayco, Joe Bautista, Felix Bacolor and Romina Diaz.

The works on display are a strong repertoire of the gallery, featuring works from as early as 1970's, 1990's, 2000's up to present. They depict abstraction in different techniques such as photography, painting, sculpture and collage.

Augusto 'Gus' Albor's works are reflections on the metaphysical, depicting tension and calmness in one composition. Born in 1948 in Bicol and has had selected solo shows in Germany, Philippines, India, Austria and France, Gus Albor's immeasurable depth of painting is unmatched and still continues to inspire the generations that came after him. He is a recipient of the Thirteen Artists Awards in 1977.

Alfredo Juan Aquilizan is the forerunner of all his contemporaries in exhibiting locally and internationally having three times a show a year. His works are ruminations on places left behind and settling down in. He is a global nomad, finding and understanding homes with his co-artist and wife Isabel Aquilizan. They are residing in both Australia and the Philippines.

Jess Ayco's minimalist forms are what critics say as geopoetics – art that is produced from a certain locality where the artists are from. He was an important modernist and a significant name in art history with his art mainly focusing on the minute details of a whimsical form. A recipient of the Art Association of the Philippines award in photography in 1952, for non-objective painting in 1958 and in 1962.

Joe Bautista is mostly fascinated with architectural lines and shapes creating three-dimensional concepts into his two-dimensional planes. Joe Bautista is a graduate of an Advertising degree at the University of the East. He was awarded First Prize in Sculpture in the 15th National Art Competition and the 1st Honorable Mention in Sculpture in the 16th National Art Competition. He was awarded as one of the 13th Artist Awards in 1972. He participated in a major show at the Cultural Center of the Philippines from 1972 to 1980 and had a one-man show in the small gallery of the same institution in 1974.

Felix Bacolor’s artistic practice is one delved in production of rich commentaries in socio-political and cultural context utilizing different objects that he repurposed and brought to life. A graduate of Studio Arts (Painting) in University of the Philippines Diliman, Bacolor has extensively exhibited in Manila, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Romina Diaz is a multi-hyphenate artist that dabbles in photography and installation art. She graduated Summa Cum Laude at the Academia delle Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. She has held exhibitions in Sydney, Australia, Philippines, Italy and Poland.

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