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Ambie Abaño's " the constant rain..."
Artist Statement

A single raindrop is an important drop. What constitutes the rain is the multitude of droplets, each contributing to make up the phenomenon that bathes the earth in a cyclical occurrence. A single tick of the clock is a second passing. What constitutes time is every single second that make up the minutes, that make up the hours, and days, and months and years. What then constitutes Self?

As a being, we exist in a physical world where all is time bound. Where all evolve over time. Where what is constant is change. Where a caterpillar hatches out of a pinhead sized egg to grow and later become a pupa in a cocoon of silk over a period of time. Cells develop inside to become legs and wings and eyes and all other parts until it metamorphosizes into a butterfly. As living beings, we too evolve. In life we go through certain transformations from childhood to adulthood and to mature age. All that we experience happens within the context of time — where there is a past, a present and a future. We experience life in the passing of time. The butterfly is no longer a caterpillar. In the same way, as adults we are no longer children. Yet the very core of our being is a constant single unique entity.

" the constant rain..." is an invitation for us to take a pause, to reflect and in the stillness, experience the core of our being - the essence of Self, beyond the context of the physical world. To marvel about the wonder of our being, our existence and how Self is also but a part of the whole universe in both the physical and metaphysical realm.






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