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Extrospective: Walks of Life Soul Portraits
by Onib Olmedo

Due to the pandemic and more than a year of worry and stress, the dust has risen. No longer are we ignoring our mental health as we have in the past. Four decades ago, artist Onib Olmedo expressed the dark emotions and mental instabilities that the common Filipino experienced in their existence. He captured them and immortalized what few were able to see; trouble, worry, anguish, and stress. His works, old as may be, bring us into the understanding of a problem that is all too contemporary and present.

Alongside Lead Trauma Therapist Gang Badoy Capati of Project: Steady Asia, Inc., Visual Artist Virgilio "Pandy" Aviado, and Writer-Visual Artist Alfredo Roces; we would like to take you through understanding the artist, his works, significance of art, its therapy and functions in mental health.

Luis Claudio Olmedo (1937 - 1996), celebrated as Onib Olmedo, is a Major Filipino artist of the 20th century known for his modern portrayal of inner torment through his paintings utilizing the technique of distortion. He graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in architecture and achieved top ranks in the Government Board Examination for Architects. In lieu of pursuing his architectural career, Onib's quest for external forms of human spirit transformed him into the pioneer in figurative expressionist in the country. A member of a Saturday Group, his peers include HR Ocampo, Manansala, Nuyda, Cesa Legazpi, Ang Kiukok, and Salmon Saprid.

Part of the proceeds will be for the benefit of Project: Steady, RockEd Philippines.





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